Digital Way to Sell Property

Tired of managing site visits to sell off the property? Then, switch to the new method of selling. Go digital, earn high returns. Agent Corner gives an opportunity to showcase your property on a digital platform. Click the property in your camera from different dimensions and upload them with us.


We will provide a brief introduction of the asset and help you receive substantial profits. Our agents manage the site visit on your behalf. You can also accompany the client during the visit.


The internet has completely changed the business scenario. Sellers can now reach buyer through us. Agent Corner enables the seller to be viewed by thousands of property seekers online through:

• Property Alert
• SMS [Short Message Service]
• Email
• E-Visit
• E-Brochure
• Voice Calling


The sellers can now discuss payment mode to the client through voice call and video chat. Also, you can briefly describe the property features to the interest clients.


Widespread Database

Property market of the city is spread in acres. Thus we have thousands of buyer, sellers & tenants registered with us. Local inhabitants and foreign national both make way towards the Melbourne city and Victoria State for the high quality of living. This increases the demand for property agents and listing. We register clients with their national and identification proof.

This helps us to differentiate between genuine and mischievous people trying to owe shelter in the city. Agent Corner is one of the most searched website for the property. Our five years of work experience and satisfactory property search has increased our outreach. Today, people get registered here to sell off their assets. As a result, we have a collection of multiple properties for selling. We suggest deals that have huge profit margins. We believe that “Our profit lies in client’s high returns.”

Keep your property specification updated with us, and we will help you seal the best property selling deal.


Agent Corner is a five year-old business. Our concerning attitude towards the clients, managing their payments and recommendations of property according to their requirements has made us a reliable realtor. A number of property agents pretends them the best property valuator, but we are certified by the clients.

Our clients recommed us to their family and freinds for selling properties. The trust of our customers builds our confidence. Hence, we keep improvising ourselves and promise to discharge our duties responsibly.

We never compromise on the requisitions made by the sellers. Also, our professionals won’t hide any technical issues from the customer. We provide complete and fair information to both the parties.

Our company has earned the reputation of being a genuine property agent who cares for your interest. We advise you to sell cleverly. Check the buyer’s background and the purpose of buying before handing over the keys to the party.

Selling Guide

Selling of the property includes detailed study. Agent Corner has a list of things to remember before placing the property for sale. You must list down these features


• Location of property
• Unit Size of property
• Expected Price
• Amenities of the property
• Property’s proximity to schools & hospitals


These points would make your property viewed by a large number of property seekers. Also, it enables us to promote the asset on a digital platform. The seller must not forget to provide us with a disclaimer that the property is undisputed and he/she is the sole holder of the property.


Selling guide makes the selling process easier. Agent Corner is the best place to advertise your property. Now, you won’t waste time in showing the property to a number of people again and again. As we choose only the interested clients to visit you. This consumes less time and increases the chance of profit earning.


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